What it is:

Save $15 when you purchase our complete Hair Serum and Eyebrow Growth Gift Set! 

What's included:

Hair Growth Serum 30 ml (1 oz) - Grow your hair faster with the help of our high-protein, high-omega beard growth serum formulated to encourage hair growth.

Hair Repair Serum 30 ml (1 oz) - The best hair repair serum formulated with a blend of all-natural essential oils that repair even the driest and frizziest of hair.

Hair Strength Serum 30 ml (1 oz) - Our all-natural hair strengthening oil is formulated to make your hair strong and protect it from everyday damage.

Eyebrow Growth Serum 10 ml - The best all-natural growth serum specially formulated to regrow over-plucked and over-trimmed eyebrows.

Hair Serum Solutions:

✔ Encourages hair growth naturally

✔ Repairs even the driest of hair that's damaged from bleaching and processing

✔ Strengthens and protects hair

Eyebrow Regrowth Solutions:

✔ Stimulate your hair follicles and promote circulation to the eyebrow

✔ Protects your skin from flakiness and dandruff

✔ Kills bacteria due to its essential fatty acids.

What’s in our serums:

Rosemary oil: stimulates hair follicles

Thyme oil: improves circulation to the scalp

Geranium oil: promotes cell growth by removing old dead cells and generating new cells

Tea tree: cleanses the scalp and minimizes inflammation

Jojoba oil: nourishes the follicles of your hair and makes your hair stronger and healthier

Argan oil: helps repair split ends and increases overall hair health due to its beneficial nutrients

Almond oil: moisturizes and strengthens with magnesium

Hemp seed oil: contains omega fatty acids and protein which stimulates hair growth

What it is formulated WITHOUT:

- Synthetic fragrances

- Chemical fillers

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