Tamanu Oil: Our Secret Ingredient for Increasing Hair and Beard Growth

What is Tamanu Oil?

Tamanu oil or Calophyllum Indophyllum Seed Oil is an oil that is produced from the nuts of the tamanu tree.

Tamanu trees are native to Southeast Asia but flourish in the Melanesian islands of Vanuatu. Though they can grow inland, they prefer salty, sandy soil and grow best near coastal areas.

man harvesting nuts from tamanu tree beard oil growth

The nuts are allowed to fall naturally from the tree. They are then laid out on racks to cure for 6-8 weeks. The kernels then turn a brownish-red color and release a very rich oil. This oil is extracted by cold pressing and filtration.

man cracking nuts from tamanu tree beard oil for growth

It takes a lot of nuts to produce tamanu oil. In fact, four tamanu trees will generally yield only 20 litres of pure tamanu oil, hence the high price of this amazing essential oil.

How Tamanu Oil Stimulates and Increases Hair and Beard Growth

Tamanu oil has proven antibacterial effects (Microna laboratory oct.2002 - °02/4500i) & (Indian J Exp Biol. 1970 Jan;8(1):39-40) and has been scientifically proven to moisturize, nourish and repair epidermal cells (Microna laboratory feb.2003 - N°03/0607i).

In addition, tamanu oil is hypoallergenic, anti septic, and has been reported to contain cancer chemopreventive agents (Cancer Lett. 2001 Aug 10;169(1):15-9).

What does this mean for your beard?

Conditions like beard dandruff, dry skin, inflammation, ingrown facial hairs, painful skin under your beard, and patchy cheek growth can all be improved with the healing properties of tamanu oil.

Left unchecked, these conditions will lead to facial hair breakage which will prevent you from growing a long, thick beard.

Beard and Company's Extra Strength Beard Growth Serum with Tamanu Oil

Due to tamanu oil's high price, many companies secretly dilute their tamanu with olive oil. At Beard and Company, we buy only the best 100% all-natural essential oils to use in our products.

Beard and Company's Extra Strength Beard Growth Serum contains all-natural essential oils formulated to moisturize and protect facial hair, injecting it with the vitamins, nutrients, and omega-3 fatty acids you need to increase beard growth.

extra strength beard growth serum