Why Castor Oil Alone Won't Grow Your Beard Faster

September 22, 2015

Why Castor Oil Alone Won't Grow Your Beard Faster

Finding the Best Oils for Beard Growth

If you've ever Googled how to increase beard growth naturally, it's likely you've heard about castor oil and claims that it encourages beard growth.

Though castor oil isn't the best option for beard growth, it turns out you can boost your beard health and even increase its growth with the right blend of essential oils.

The trick is finding just the right combination.

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In this post, we're going to explain why you should skip castor oil altogether and what essential oils are best for growing long, healthy beards.

Castor oil is made from the seed of the Castor plant (Ricinus Communis). Its anti-allergenic properties have made it a popular folk remedy for everything from skin rashes to hair thinning.

While castor oil is great for treating some skin conditions and gastrointestinal issues, there are far better oils out there to use if your goal is to encourage beard growth.

Almond oil cleanses the scalp and treats beard dandruff

Almond oil packs an incredible amount of vitamins, nutrients, and protein into each serving. It's no surprise then, to learn about its awesome healing properties and why almond oil is great for increasing beard growth.

1. Almonds contain high levels of magnesium and biotin, both of which are vital nutrients for beard growth.

2. When it comes to beard growth, dandruff is your enemy. Luckily, almond oil cleanses the scalp and removes dead skin cells which destroys dandruff. Learn more: how to treat beard dandruff.

3. The high fatty acid content of almond oil moisturizes and softens skin which improves circulation and in turn, increases beard growth. Learn more: The Ultimate Beard Growing Guide: 30 Tips for Increasing Beard Growth.

Jojoba oil keeps beards moisturized and hydrated

Jojoba oil is the liquid that's produced from the seeds of the Jojoba plant (Simmondsia chinensis).

1. Unlike other oils, jojoba doesn't make your skin feel greasy or leave residue behind.
2. A build-up of sebum can drastically slow down the growth of your beard. Since jojoba is non-allergenic, it gently removes excess sebum, leaving skin clear and hydrated.

3. Jojoba has a low melting point, so it absorbs quickly into your beard and is fast acting. This is especially useful for treating beard split ends.

So here's the deal...

For the best results in beard growth, you should use a beard growth serum with a combination of healthy carrier oils like almond oil and jojoba oil paired with the right proportions of complimentary essential oils for increasing beard growth.

Using a carrier oil alone, such as castor oil, won't do much for your overall beard health and beard growth.

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