How Can I Make My Curly Beard Straight?

August 27, 2016

How Can I Make My Curly Beard Straight?

One question we get a lot from guys is how they can make their curly beards straight.

Curly, unruly beard hair is a pretty common beard problem that's usually caused by over dryness.

When our hair is dry and damaged, it usually stiffens and curls. So if we want a straighter beard, we must treat the dryness problem.

How to Fix A Dry Beard

How often do you shampoo your beard?

If you shampoo too often or if you use a shampoo that's too harsh on your beard, you're probably stripping your beard of its natural oils with each shampoo.

Our beards actually need to be washed much less than we think.

Unless your line of work exposes you to a lot of dirt and grime on a daily basis, you probably only need to shampoo your beard once a week at most.

And when you do shampoo it, it's important that you use a gentle beard shampoo that will cleanse the hair without over stripping it of its natural oils.

So ideally, you'll only be shampooing your beard once a week. Even though you won't be shampooing it every day, you'll definitely want to use a hydrating beard conditioner every day or so during your shower. This will still keep your beard clean but will do so in a much gentler way while putting moisture back into your dry beard.

After showering, dispense a few drops of an all-natural beard oil into your hands and gently rub into your damp beard. Try to get the oil close to your skin and using a sawcut beard comb, gently comb the oil throughout your beard.

dry beard

Drying Your Beard Straight

If your beard is long, it's easy to make it straight simply by blow drying it while using a comb.

After applying your beard oil and a heat protectant spray, set your hair dryer on low (tip: using a cooler temperature setting will be much less damaging on your beard) and gently comb through your beard, pulling the hair straight as you follow with the dryer.

To hold the style in place and encourage your beard to be even straighter, rub a small amount of beard balm into your hands and gently rub the balm downwards through your beard.

Using a straightening iron

While using a flat iron (also known as a straightening iron) may be tempting when you're trying to make your beard straight, we have to caution against its use.

The extreme heat of a flat iron will damage and break your hair and possible even burn your face.

The best way to get a long, straight beard is to soften it as much as possible and straighten it with a low heat. Blow drying with any level of heat will take a toll on the health of your beard in the long run, so it's important to replenish it with moisture as often as possible.

How do you straighten and maintain your curly beard?

Let us know in the comments.

The Best Beard Care Products for Straightening A Curly Beard

  1. Beard Shampoo - use a gentle, organic beard shampoo sparingly, approximately 1-2 times per week.

    It's recommended that you do not use regular hair shampoo since it is harsher than shampoo formulated for beards.

  2. Beard Conditioner - use every day or every other day, depending on the dryness of your beard.

  3. Beard Oil - it's important to use a high quality beard oil that contains NO artificial fragrance oils especially if you have a dry, damaged beard. Artificial ingredients will further damage your beard.

    Tip: if a beard oil claims to be all-natural but comes in scents like Pina Colada, it's not natural. Scents like those are made from oils that are used in candles and should NOT be used in your hair or beard.

    The best beard oil for dry beards is Beard and Company's beard strengthening formula which contains vital nutrients for softening and strengthening damaged beards.

    Use beard oil daily after showering and whenever your beard feels extra dry or frizzy.

  4. Beard Comb - Choosing the right beard comb for your beard is very important. Cheap, plastic drugstore combs are not suitable for beards because they will break your hair and cause beard split ends.

    Wooden beard combs are also not suitable for beards (especially dry beards) because wood will splinter eventually and will pull and break your hair.

    The Kent 20T folding beard comb is ideal for dry beards because the comb is sawcut with high quality materials so the teeth of the comb will never pull or break your hair.

  5. Beard Balm - use daily after styling your beard.

    Beard and Company's beard strengthening balm is specially formulated with a beard strengthening formula of all-natural essential oils that will soften and strengthen your beard while holding your beard straight all day.