10 Reasons Why the Skin Under Your Beard Hurts: Products that Stop Beard Itch and Pain

January 20, 2016

10 Reasons Why the Skin Under Your Beard Hurts: Products that Stop Beard Itch and Pain

The Best Products for Beard Itch and Pain

Beard Shampoo

A common cause of beard pain and itchiness is a build-up of oil and debris. This build-up occurs for a few different reasons. If you’re using a regular hair shampoo in your beard, over time you will have a build-up of not only oil and debris but silicones that are commonly used in regular shampoos. In order to properly cleanse your face of this build-up without stripping it of its natural protective oils, you need a good beard shampoo.

Beard and Company’s organic cooling beard shampoo scrubs away beard build-up, dirt, oil and other impurities, leaving your beard feeling clean and fresh.

beard model using Beard and Company beard repair oil and beard balm

Beard Conditioner

After using beard shampoo, it’s important to follow up with a beard conditioner to keep your beard soft and moisturized.

Beard and Company’s hydrating beard conditioner acts as a beard softener and beard moisturizer. It tames your frizzy beard while preventing beard split ends.

Beard Oil

After showering, apply an all-natural beard oil to your beard. It’s important to choose a high quality beard oil that doesn’t contain any artificial fragrances or fillers. Moisturizing your beard daily with beard oil will not only keep it healthy and encourage it to grow, but it will also keep it soft and free of itch.

Beard and Company’s all-natural hair and beard strengthening oil is formulated to make your hair strong and protect it from everyday damage.

Kent Beard Comb

Using a high quality beard comb is the best way to distribute beard oil evenly throughout your beard.

Unlike wooden beard combs, the Kent folding beard comb has handmade saw-cut teeth. The surface of the comb's teeth is flat which causes the comb to glide smoothly through your beard without pulling or tearing your facial hair.

Beard Balm

Beard balm is the best tool for concealing patchy cheek growth. It is also an excellent styling tool that keeps your beard style in place while also adding moisture back into your beard.

Beard and Company’s beard strength balm is formulated to make your beard strong and protect it from everyday damage.

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10 Reasons Why the Skin Under Your Beard Hurts

  1. Oil and Debris Build-Up in Your Beard

    products that stop beard itch made in the usa

    A common reason why your beard may be painful is because you have a build-up of oil and debris, giving you sore beard hair. This build-up will remain on your skin and facial hair if not properly cleaned, causing itchiness and even the feeling of having a “hard beard”. So how can you effectively remove a build-up of oil and debris from your beard?

    Use a clarifying beard shampoo on your beard instead of using regular hair shampoos, body washes, or soaps. Why? Because the hair on your face is much more delicate than the hair on your head so using harsh body washes, regular hair shampoos, or soaps will strip your beard of its natural protective oils, leaving it dry and vulnerable to breakage and beard split ends.

    Beard and Company’s clarifying beard shampoo is formulated to remove build-up and encourage exfoliation thanks to tea tree oil. Follow up with hydrating beard conditioner.

  2. Neglecting to Trim Your Beard

    beard trim before and after

    Trimming your beard is a must if you want to keep it looking nice and clean, but did you know it’s also important to trim your beard when you are trying to grow it? Trimming shapes your beard as it grows, which helps you avoid common issues like beard patchiness in your cheeks.

  3. Using Hot Water While Washing Your Beard

    While having a hot shower may be tempting, it’s never good for your skin or hair. Hot water dries your skin out and causes irritation and flakiness which leads to beard dandruff.

  4. Using a High-Heat Hair Dryer To Dry Your Beard

    High-heat hair dryers, flat irons, and curling irons shouldn’t be used on your beard because the heat could easily cause your facial hair to break. When it comes to your skin and hair, always play it safe and use lukewarm or cool water to protect from irritation.

  5. Not Using Beard Oil in Your Beard

    Using beard oil is vital for your beard because it both softens the hair and adds vitamins and nutrients to your beard.

  6. Not Using a Quality Beard Comb

    Kent folding beard comb

    When it comes to growing your beard, it pays to invest in a high quality beard comb, like Kent brand. Why? Because your facial hair is much more delicate than the hair on your head and a cheaply made wooden beard comb will splinter and break your facial hair.

    The best way to moisturize your beard is to apply an all-natural beard oil and then distribute it throughout your beard by combing it with a Kent beard comb.

  7. Beard Dandruff

    products that stop beard dandruff made in the usa

    Beard dandruff is a condition that occurs when you have dry, flaky skin and can be caused by seborrheic dermatitis (irritated, oily skin), oil and debris build-up in your beard, and irritation of the skin.

  8. Beard Itch From Growing A New Beard

    The first stage of growing a beard can be one of the itchiest stages for many men. When first growing stubble, your face will likely be itchy due to the new hair growth. This is normal and can be relieved by using beard shampoo regularly to keep your beard and face clear of build-up. After shampooing your beard, apply an all-natural beard oil to keep it soft.

    Resist the urge to scratch your beard during this stage because excessive scratching will irritate your skin and possibly lead to ingrown beard hairs and beard dandruff.

  9. Seasonal Dryness

    If you already have dry skin, seasonal dryness can make your beard feel even drier and coarser than usual. Exposure to cold, wintry air and overheated rooms is a common cause of itchy skin.

  10. Ingrown Facial Hairs

    A common cause of beard pain, especially when you first start growing a beard, ingrown hairs can be a real nuisance. Gently remove ingrown hairs with a tweezer and keep the area clean.