The Best Beard Growth Products that Actually Work

September 15, 2016

The Best Beard Growth Products that Actually Work

Do you have trouble growing a thick, full beard?

If so, you’re not alone.

In fact, many men experience some sort of difficulty when trying to grow a beard, whether it be patchy cheeks or a mustache that won’t ever seem to connect to its beard.

When we imagine what a man with a great-looking beard looks like, we usually imagine a guy with a neatly groomed, full-looking beard.

With that ideal reinforced in the media, it’s not hard to think that something might be off if you can’t easily grow a perfect beard too.

The truth is, it can take a lot of time, patience, grooming, trimming, beard care products, and plain old trial and error to grow a really nice looking beard worthy of envy.

One of the reasons we into the beard care business to begin with was because of our mutual interest in healthy eating.

When we’re not busy talking beards or writing for the beard blog, we like to go hiking and do a lot of fun, outdoorsy stuff, so we’re always looking for delicious meal ideas that will keep us healthy too.

This love of finding ways to incorporate vitamins and nutrients into our diets later turned into our love of all-natural beard care products.

After much research, we found the best blends of all-natural essential oils for growing, repairing, and strengthening dry, damaged beards.

So if you’re like me and need a little help encouraging your beard hair to grow, check out our list of the best products to grow your beard.

Top 3 Beard Growth Products that Actually Help Your Beard Grow

1. Beard Growth Serum ($20 30ml / $30 60ml)

 growth serum

Unlike regular scented beard oil, beard serums are specially formulated with pure botanical oils that nourish your beard with essential vitamins and nutrients that are vital to growing a full, healthy beard.

When it comes to growing a nice, healthy beard, it’s extremely important that you keep your facial hair moisturized and nourished or else your beard will become too dry and you’ll inevitably suffer from a sore, painful feeling under your beard.

Beard and Company’s beard growth serum tackles the problem of facial hair dryness by nourishing your beard with omega-3 fatty acids and vital nutrients like magnesium, vitamin C, iron, potassium, folate, vitamin E, zinc, and the vitamin B complex.


  1. Adds a lot of moisture back into your beard.
  2. Treats a host of problems related to dryness such as dandruff, split ends, and soreness.


  1. May seem oily if you already suffer from oily skin. If you have oily skin, we recommend using an oil-free product like our cooling beard growth spray.


Beard oils and serums are great ways to keep your beard soft and healthy while also encouraging it to grow, but they are generally better suited for men who have dry beards. If your beard is overly oily, it’s best to stick with an oil-free solution.

2. Beard Growth Spray ($20 60ml)

beard growth spray

Having lived in Alabama and experienced the insanely hot and humid summer months, we know just how hard it can be to maintain an awesome looking beard in the heat. And sometimes the last thing you want to do is put oil in your beard when you’re already hot and sweaty.

So we took our beard growth formula, gave it a natural, oil-free base like aloe vera and a cooling shot of pure peppermint oil for a tingly, cooling sensation.


  1. Moisturizes your beard without adding oil.
  2. Cools and tingles with the help of all-natural peppermint.
  3. Promotes growth by adding vitamins and nutrients to your beard.


  1. Doesn’t condition as deeply as beard growth serum.


Beard Growth Spray is an excellent solution for those with oily skin who want to increase beard growth. It’s also great as a way to cool and freshen your beard in hot weather or just for those days when you don’t feel like using beard oil but you don’t want to have a dry beard.

3. Beard Balm for Growth ($20 30ml / $30 60ml)

beard growth balm

A common problem many men experience when they’re growing a beard is areas of patchiness. You might find that the hair around your cheeks doesn’t fill in as quickly as the hair around your jaw. It can be a pretty annoying problem to deal with but the good news is that there’s a fix for the patches in your beard: trimming and beard balm.

When trimming your beard, trim around the patchy areas, careful not to trim those areas. Instead, trim the longer parts that seem to grow faster than the rest of your beard.

Beard balm is a great product to use for styling your beard. It adds a lot of texture in your beard and give it the appearance of being fuller.

We added our all-natural growth formula to our beard balm so now you can boost your growth while holding your whiskers in place all day.


  1. Makes your beard appear thicker and fuller without adding a lot of weight.
  2. Smooths your whiskers into place.
  3. Promotes growth.


  1. Works best on beards that are medium to long in length.


Beard balm is a great way to add some texture and fullness to your beard while also keeping it styled. It’s perfect for nearly anyone with a beard to use, provided your beard isn’t in the earliest days of its growth.

Do you have any thoughts about products for beard growth?

If so, leave them in the comments and we'll check them out.