10 Reasons Why the Skin Under Your Beard Hurts

January 20, 2016

10 Reasons Why the Skin Under Your Beard Hurts

Updated 11/7/16: Need help with dry, painful skin under your beard? See Products for Treating Painful Skin Under My Beard

1. Dryness of the skin to the point of chafing.

Avoiding Beard Dryness

2. Are you breaking out? Ingrowing of the hair is a common cause of under-beard acne.

Beard Oil

3. Sharp edges on the hair due to previous shaving. This will eventually go away.

4. Using hot water while showering. Hot water can severely dry out your skin so use cold or lukewarm water instead. 

Beard and Company

5. Using regular soap on your beard. Regular soap is harsh on your skin and hair and will dry you out to the point of flaking.

7. Changing seasons/weather.

Beard and Company

8. Not using beard oil after a shower. It is important to re-hydrate your beard after washing away your skin's natural oils. The best way to add moisture is by applying a small amount of all-natural beard oil after showering. 

9. Washing too much which causes dryness.

10. Consult with doctor if your beard is still dry or flaky after trying the above methods. Dry skin may be caused by certain medications, such as cholesterol-lowering drugs, diuretics and retinoids, or by diseases such as hypothyroidism and kidney disease.

Most of these problems come from over-drying. Luckily, you can lower your risk of a bad, dry beard by doing a few simple things here and there. Using our organic clarifying shampoo and hydrating conditioner every time you shower and make sure to follow up with our beard conditioning oil afterwards. Your skin has pores, which are open after a warm shower. That opening helps our non-comedogenic oil (won't clog any pores, which is a cause of break-outs) soak in, which keeps you from that greasy feeling normally associated with oils. It's also best to use a quality comb like ours from Kent. They use a high-quality material different from most plastic combs that do not have microscopic cracks, which results in damaging hair and skin. Brushing is okay but like anything else, use in moderation. Brushing can be too rough on the hair, let alone your skin on your face which is known to be sensitive.